Saturday, September 13, 2014

hey girls,

I Discovered this great pallet today at Sephora and it was super cheap to!!!

              My friend and I where at the Sephora in my mall in the clearance section today. We found an eye shadow pallet the first of all had a very cute packaging ( which you can see in the picture below)and when we opened the pallet the eye shadows where super pigmented! It was the Sephora brand and I think it  was baked shadows. the price was 12.99 and originally it was around 20.00 so I got a really good deal and I hope that you girls can get one to.

Friday, September 12, 2014

hey girls,

this is my first blog and I just wanted to talk to you about what I'm going to be blogging about.

             A lot of my blog is going to be based off of fashion and beauty products. I'm going to be reviewing products and giving you my very honest opinion. I'm going to be talking about good online sales even samples that are out so I would love if you followed me and give me some support in the journey!

if you have any suggestions on what you want me
to review send me an email or comment down below.